The SMART Project includes the implementation of an European Observatory which will help in understanding how to counter disinformation phenomena.

The observatory includes:

  • observation of the principal European narratives
  • observation of communication concerning the EU Elections 2019

Data and information is taken from public content on Twitter and Instagram social networks, from a selection of public Facebook Groups and from a selection of European online newspapers and news/information operators.

Navigate Topics by time and Export Data

Use this button below to access a first tool in the Observatory which allows you to see what were the topics for public discussion around EU Elections during a certain timeframe (from/to date).

The tool allows downloading the data to make your own analysis and visualizations.

Timeline and Sentiment

The graph below shows the timeline of the content that was captured, and the sentiment of the expressions that were collected.


The graph below shows the principal topics from the past 4 days. The bubbles can be very small: hover on them using the mouse to see the popup of their content.

Topic Relations

The graph below shows what topics are related with each other (meaning that if people talk about a topic, they also talk about the other connected ones). Zoom in  using the mouse scroll-wheel. Pan by dragging on whitespace with the mouse. Pull the nodes by dragging them directly.

Topics Evolution

The graph below show how different topics enter and exit the discussion. Each stripe is a topic. The horizontal axis is a timeline. Move the mouse over the stripe to highlight it. When you do the other ones fade out and leave the chosen one highlighted, showing when it appeared in the conversations. Click to see the messages for that topic on that day. Click outside the message window to resume browsing.