The Consortium

The SMART project is led by a consortium of international transdisciplinary experts.

Under the leadership of CNR, the consortium has been built to bring together some of the leading experts and know-how in the field in order to be able to develop a project that can be truly cutting- edge from a scientific perspective, profit from partners’ significant technical know-how and experience in building platforms to deliver a prototype of the Observatory, that has experience in project management and stakeholder engagement and that has insider expertise of the changing media environment both within traditional and new media as well as a extensive knowledge of the legal ramifications of the technologies that will be assessed.

The Consortium bidding for the tender is a partnership between CNR (leader), University of Warsaw, PlusValue, HER and Catchy.

Subcontractor Sotrender and external experts Michal Kosinski, Lydia Aguirre and Giovanni Galimberti are also part of the Consortium.

The Consortium excels in the following areas:

  1. Science of Networks – including complex system approaches, statistical physics, and game-theory (CNR),
  2. Research on algorithms and Social Media (CNR, HER, Sotrender, Catchy, Dr Kosinski),
  3. Computational Social Science (including Narrative Theory via the University of Warsaw, Sentiment and emotional analysis via HER, CNR and Sotrender and PSY-OPS, O2O and microtargeting via the University of Warsaw and Michal Kosinski),
  4. Platform design and development (HER, Catchy, Sotrender, Lydia Aguirre),
  5. Data visualisations (HER, Catchy),
  6. Policy Action and Regulatory approaches (PlusValue),
  7. Business model innovation and collective approaches (PlusValue, HER)
  8. Data and privacy (Giovanni Galimberti).

The Team

Project Manager (PM): the project manager is Dr Fiorenza Lipparini (PlusValue) who has extensive experience managing large international and interdisciplinary research projects and has already worked with all the partners in the Consortium.

Scientific Lead – Science of Network (SL-SoN): is Guido Caldarelli (CNR). Guido Caldarelli is Full Professor in Theoretical Physics at IMT, and is research associate at the Institute of Complex Systems (CNR).

Scientific Lead – Computational Social Science and behaviour analysis (SL – CSS): is Andrzej Novak (University of Warsaw). Andrzej Nowak is full Professor of psychology at the University of Warsaw and Florida Atlantic University, and a pioneer in the CSS field.

Online Platform Lead (OPL): is Lydia Aguirre (External Expert). Lydia Aguirre is currently leading a project to develop an open source Transparent Journalism Tool (TJ_Tool) as part of Google’s Digital News Initiative.

Research Team (RT): the research team is organised in 3 main sub-groups.

Network Science and Algorithms team (RT-NoS): under the leadership of Prof. Caldarelli. The team include the following Senior Researchers: Prof. Fosca Giannotti, Dr Michal Kosinski (Independent Expert – Stanford University), Dr Francesco Nespoli (Catchy) and Dr Alessandro Chessa (CNR), junior researchers Giulio Cimini and Luca Tacchetti (Catchy) are also part of the team.

Computational Social Science and Behavioural Team (RT-CSS): under the leadership of Prof. Novak. The team include the following Senior Researchers: Dr Magda Roszczyńska-Kurasińska and dr Wojciech Borkowski (University of Warsaw), Dr Michal Kosinski (Independent Expert – Stanford University) and the following junior researchers: Karolina Ziembowicz and Mikolaj Biesaga (University of Warsaw).

Policy and stakeholder engagement Team (RT-P&SE): under the leadership of the PM. The team include senior researchers Erika Widegren (PlusValue), and Oriana Persico (HER), journalist Gianni Riotta (Catchy) and external expert Giovanni Galimberti.

Technological Development Team (TDT): under the leadership of Lydia Aguirre. Senior staff include Salvatore Iaconesi (HER) – who will also lead on ensuring the compliance of the data-harvesting, analysis and storage process with EU and national legislation, but for Poland where Prof. Nowak will be in charge – Francesco Nespoli and Alessandro Chessa (Catchy) and junior staff include Luca Tacchetti (Catchy). Sub- contractor Sotrender will also be assigned to this group.

Advisory Group (AG) and Expert Network (EN): the AG and EN will allow the Consortium to bring in further expertise to better define and answer the research questions underlying the project. Candidates for the AG are proposed in Annex 2, while members of the extended expert group will be selected and interviewed during the project’s activities.